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How to Create Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop

Ghost mannequin editing has become a buzzword in the eCommerce apparel industry. So have you completed your product photography and are now looking to implement a ghost mannequin effect? Then look no further.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop.

How to Create Ghost Mannequin Effect in 9 Easy Steps

Editing a mannequin will require you to complete several steps. Additionally, you need to do it with attention, so you don’t leave any portion of the mannequin.

Go through the steps below to get the best result for this ghost mannequin Photoshop.

Before you can start editing, open Photoshop and open an image in the application: File > Open > Select image > Double click.

Let’s start with the first step now.

Step 1: Unlock the Background

Unlock the Background

Once the image is open, go to the layer window and unlock the BACKGROUND. Find a lock icon on the right side of the BACKGROUND bar.

Step 2: Start clipping using the Pen tool

Start clipping using the Pen tool

Select the PEN tool from the right-hand side toolbar. Now select the garment to cut it.

This way, you can remove some portion of the mannequin and prepare the image for the next step. In this stage, you mainly need to cut off the head, hands, and legs of the mannequin.

Make sure to use the PEN tool intricately. Otherwise, you might remove some parts of the garment, or there could be some parts of the mannequin too.

Step 3: Select the clipping path

Select the clipping path

Enter CTRL + ENTER on Windows or COMMAND + ENTER on Mac to select the path you just created to cut out the garment from the picture.

Step 4: Add a Layer Mask and remove the background

Add a Layer Mask and remove the background

Go to the Layers panel and select the image you are working on. Right-click on the bar and find ADD LAYER MASK.

After clicking on the ADD LAYER MASK, you’ll get a mask. And you’ll have the garment you have cut out.

Step 5: Select the Neck with the Pen tool

Select the Neck with the Pen tool

If you follow the steps as described so far, you’ll have the neck remaining of the mannequin. You need to remove that too.

Select the PEN tool again, and make a clipping path around the neck.

Step 6: Remove the neck

Remove the neck

Select the mask and fill it with black color. For that, click ALT + DEL. This way, the rest of the mannequin will be deleted.

You are done removing the mannequin here, but there’s one more step.

In the mannequin editing, when you remove the neck, the backside portion of the garment around the neck will be removed too. Generally, the rear-end garment contains the brand name, size, and other details.

You want to make clothing look natural, right? So, if the garment you’re editing has different neck lengths in the front and back, you must do the next steps the in the edits.

Step 7: Place the removed part on the main image

Place the removed part on the main image

Take a picture of the removed portion of the garment. Usually, people take this image while capturing the main picture. You can do that to keep the editing process uninterrupted. Besides, it’s a hassle to capture pictures again.

Anyway, now you need to bring the image of the neck-side on the main image. Check the next step.

Step 8: Adjust the neck-side image with the main image

Adjust the neck-side image with the main image

Press CTRL Z or COMMAND Z to select the neck-side image and adjust the side with the overall neck area. Next, send the neck-side layer/ image at the back.

Now, you need to WRAP the neck side to adjust it fully. Press CTRL + T or COMMAND + T and right-click on the neck-side layer.

After the right click, a window will appear—select ‘WRAP’ and click on it to use it. You will see boxes around the selected layer. Move the lines of the box to adjust the neck-side with the front.

Step 9: Change the Inner Shadow

Change the Inner Shadow

This is the final step, and it’s mainly about the touch-up. The neck-side image you’ve included on the main photo of the garment won’t have natural lighting. Mostly, these images seem too bright.

For that, click on the final layer on the Layer panel. By right-clicking on it, open the LAYER STYLE window. From that window, find the INNER SHADOW.

Once you select INNER SHADOW, many options will appear. To edit the shadow, change the settings, including Opacity, Angle, Distance, and Size.

There’ll be an instant display of the changes—that’s a relief. Finally, hit OK, and you will have the Ghost mannequin effect on the garment.

Concluding Notes

Ghost mannequin photography is an essential part of online product display right now. If you have an apparel eCommerce, using the ghost mannequin effect is a good way to display the product. Following the 9 steps mentioned above, you will get the ghost mannequin effect, and your new product will be ready to display online.

However, if you’re trying for the first time, it won’t be perfect, but with time the edit will improve. And if you need help, you can take a professional photo editing service.


Read the queries below for further information about the ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop.

What is ghost mannequin effect?

The ghost mannequin effect is a photo editing technique mainly used in apparel photography. It represents a cloth to show how it would look after wearing. Thus, eCommerce owners can showcase their products more naturally.

How do you make a ghost mannequin shot?

First, take a picture of a garment on a mannequin. Next, edit the image in Photoshop and remove the mannequin from the photo. The garment will still have the structure of the mannequin, and there you have the ghost mannequin shot.

How can I model clothes without a mannequin?

You can use a wide hanger to display it properly as an alternative. Just make sure all parts of your product are visible. Also, you can do conventional flat-lay photography. That way, you can lay a product on an even surface and simultaneously hold the camera to it.

How do you take invisible mannequin pictures?

To capture product photos on a mannequin and edit in Photoshop, follow these steps: Set layers > Select background > Select mannequin > Create Layer Mask > Select interior > Warp and clean interior > Darken the interior.