How to Change Background Color in Illustrator

How to Change Background Color in Illustrator

Wondering how to change background color in Illustrator? This article shows you the easy path of changing background in Illustrator to draw your concept further.

Why Use Adobe Illustrator to Change Background Color?

People more often use Adobe illustrator application software to do artwork sessions. But do you know why most people use Adobe illustrator instead of other application software? The main reasons are given below for your convenience.

High-resolution delivery

After changing the Adobe Illustrator background, the artwork will not lose any resolution. Other application software doesn’t have a similar high-regulation delivery capacity as Adobe illustrator.

Easier Process

Working with the adobe illustrator is comparatively more straightforward than other application software. With just simple training, you will start to learn the working process of Illustrator. It could be another big reason for choosing Adobe illustrator.

Accurate Result

Precise and accurate delivery is only possible with the help of Adobe illustrator. For quality artwork results, work accuracy is essential. Therefore, Adobe Illustrator is a must choice for doing laborious things like that.

How to Change Background Color in Adobe Illustrator

Here in this section, we will show you how to change the Adobe Illustrator background.

Step 1: Open the Adobe illustrator file

First, open the application software on your window. And then open the artwork file.

Step 2: Mark the area

Now mark the whole area you want to change the background color.

Step 3: Marking process

Use the scale field to create a mark. Well, use rectangular marking to add more accuracy.

Step 4: Select color

At this stage, select the desired color from the color field. If you want to remove the background color, click the background remove option.

Step 5: Final touch

We are now changing colors only and adding new colors to the marking arena. Now you see the changed outcome. Save and close the operation for new.

How to Change Background Color of User Interface in Adobe Illustrator

Let’s see the process of changing the background color of the user interface in adobe illustrator below.

Change Background Color in Illustrator

Step 1: Open the Adobe illustrator file

Just go to the File menu option. And then open the background color filed option.

Step 2:  Open the user interface menu

There will be different options for Windows, Mac, iOS, and other operating systems to find user interface settings.

Step 3: Adjust the brightness setting

Set a proper brightness according to the button, panels, and menu section.

Step 4: Add matching color

Add a new color to cover up the previous one. Click the color field option bar to find various types of colors.

How to Change Artboard Background Color

Most people use Adobe illustrator to change the background color of the Artboard. To change the artboard background color in Adobe illustrator, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Draw a rectangle tool

That rectangle tool will be the same size as the Artboard.

Step 2: Open the color picker

To open the color picker, double-click the field. And choose a color—use (command+2) to lock the rectangle field.

Step 3: Final touch

After adding color, your work is finished—level up according to the boundary of the rectangle field. Now you can save and complete the task.

How to Change Text Background Color in Illustrator

You can change the text background color of the Artboard by following these steps.

  • Upload the artwork to the workspace of adobe illustrator. Just select or mark the text arena at first.
  • Open the apparel option. Now select the color according to your choice. You can add any color to your text.
  • Go to the appearance option, and manage opacity and stroke of characters.



Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading graphics editing software. This vector-based software mainly focuses on graphics’ resolution, color, and appearance section.

Yet, many people don’t know how to change background color in Illustrator. Hopefully, this article has given a whole idea of background color removal in Illustrator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your all confusion about changing the background color on Illustrator. Find answers to the most relevant queries from here.

How do you change the background color of an Artboard in Illustrator?

Mark the whole Artboard in a rectangle shape. And then open the color picker option. Now you can choose your favorite one and replace it with the previous one.

How do I change the background to white in Illustrator?

It is straightforward to change the background to white in Illustrator. Open the user interface menu and select one of the brightness options.

How do I change my background to black and white?

Open the artwork in Adobe Illustrator you want to change. Then open the color field by clicking the file menu. Now select grayscale to make it a black and white background. After that, click ok, and save the file.

Can I Use Other Application Software to Remove Background of Artboard?

Adobe illustrator is the most reputed and well-known application software at this time. Other application software may fit for simple photo editing, retouching, and a little. As Artboard is a work of graphic design, adobe illustrator will be the better one.

Why Is It Necessary to Change Background Color?

When you add similar color to the same background, the view will not appear. For that reason, graphical sessions require background removing touches. That makes the proper color adjustment. So, background-color changing is a must.