Deep Etching Service

Deep etching services are a term that graphic designers use. It is similar to the clipping path and removes the unnecessary background from your image. You can use the new image as it is or places a new background if you want. To remove the background, you need deep etching. It takes skill to deep-etch perfectly.

Imagine you took some photos of your product, but in the background, it is too blurry. You can see some unnecessary things in the background. The items in the background are making your product less appealing. So you want the background removed. You can hire a deep etching service for background removal.

We have several experts in Image retouching experts who are highly skilled in deep etching. You might think it is easy to remove some backgrounds using photoshop. But imagine if you have to deep-etch thousands of photos. Will you risk your valuable time in doing that? Or hire a professional who can do that in a fraction of your time. Above that, you don’t have to worry too much about your wallet.

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What Makes Clipping Pixel Stand Out

Find out why some of the leading companies and businesses choose Clipping Pixel for photo editing and other image-related services.

Sufficient Skilled Resources
Skilled resources are primary factors for our successful operations. We keep our resources updated to cope up with current technology and trend.
Fast turnaround
Our regular turnaround period is 24 hours. But for an emergency purpose, it can be within four hours.
24 hours of operation every day
The Clipping Pixel production team and customer service operate 24/7 for the convenience of our clients.
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The high-quality output is our main concern; our skilled team and resource guarantee the quality of our services to our clients.
Quick response
We commute to respond to a query within 10 minutes.

Types of Deep Etching Service We Provide

Clipping Pixel provides every solution for deep etching. We have a deep-etching service for every kind of image. You can get a package according to your choice at a very affordable price. The services we offer for deep etching are :

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Basic Deep Etching Service

In basic deep etching is the service where the background of basic shaped objects is removed. In most cases, there will be a single solid object. Basic deep etching service removes unnecessary surrounding of the item. You can avail of this service for any object image that does not have one or more holes in it. Phones, laptops, t-shirts, etc. are some solid items that can use basic deep etching.

Simple Deep Etching Service

Simple items include watches, rings, headphones, chairs, etc. For things like this, you can get a simple deep etching service. Simple deep etching mostly contains items that have an outer and inner outline, no other holes. Simple deep etching image service provides the best quality deep etching for simplified objects.

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Medium Deep Etching Service

Medium deep etching service works on items with mediocre complexity. Items that have a few wholes and need a bit more etching than basic or simple things. Rings, necklaces, shoes, groups of simple objects, etc. are examples of medium deep-etching service. It takes a bit more effort compared to basic and simple deep etching.

Complex Deep Etching Service

Deep etching service provides background removal service for complex products or objects. Deep etch is applied to images with complex structures or shapes or a large group of products. Chain, necklace, bicycle, furniture, hair, fur, etc. are examples of complex items that need complex and precise background services.

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What Is Deep Etching?

Deep etching is the process of removing a specific section or the whole background of an image. It plays a vital role in photo correction and touch up online image editing or background removal. Deep etching is all about making the viewer focus on a particular thing.

Deep etching is difficult for beginners and takes practice to master this skill. A lousy quality deep etching can ruin a whole image, especially for tricky shots.

Why Do You Need Deep Etch Service?

If you have a business where you have to showcase many products, you need deep etching. It is not always possible to take perfect photos where there is no need for retouching. In most cases, a photo’s background distracts the clients, and they no longer become interested in your product.

To give a perfect look to your products, you need deep etching. Even for the most specific products, the background can ruin the image, therefore, have a negative impact on your business.

If you don’t take the necessary steps to attract your customers in this competitive world of business, your business will not shine. There are thousands of companies out there like you. If they provide better service, people will take their products. You should give the best quality images of products to increase sales.

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A Glimpse Of The Way We Work

At first, we receive images with brief instruction and requirements from our clients

As soon as we finish the first step of image post-processing, every image or file is checked several times by our highly experienced experts.

After we get the files and the instructions, our team immediately starts working. We guarantee a quick turnaround time.

As soon as the several steps of the quality check are over for quality assurance, we deliver the files to you. You can check the files and provide feedback to us.

Pricing of Our Deep Etching Services

Clipping path service or image cut out service needs patience with regularity because at some point this work gets boring. Clipping Pixel ensures perfect photo clipping at an industry bottom price

Our Basic Deep Etching Service Start @ $0.30

Who Needs Photo Deep Etching Service?

Any business that exhibits its products might be a potential service taker of deep etching service. If you want to showcase your products attractively without any other distraction, you should invest in a deep etching service. Some highly skilled professionals will work on your product; thus, you will get perfectly edited images.

The following are some sectors that use and need deep etching service:


Images for electronics need to be very attractive; otherwise, customers will not like the product. Most of the photos of electronics, like phones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. look very good in pictures because they went through the process of deep etch. A clean background makes customers more focused on the product. Having a clean background is more difficult for larger electronics like the fridge, tv, washing machine, etc. For those, it is mandatory to use deep etch.

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The apparel industry hugely depends on deep etch. All the products in the apparel industry need some sort of editing. For apparel deep etch, the background is removed from the image. If required, another background will be replaced so that the product will pop. Deep etched photos or images look a lot more captivating and attract more customers.


Some pieces of jewelry are very complex and require intricate, deep etching. Jewelry has a lot of parts and takes a lot of skill to perform deep etch.  Most jewelry business owners hire a deep etch service to get mind-blowing images of their jewelry.


Some shoe designs are a bit complex than the others. Shoes that are complex in design needs better care in editing. Intricate deep-etching helps shoes to look captivating. The shoe industry uses this service a lot.


Leather products

Bags, belts, wallets, and other leather goods are all products of the leather industry., These products need deep etching to look good. Otherwise, they can be out of focus if other things surround the product.


Architectural design

In architectural images, deep etching is significant. If your clients’ eyes go to an unwanted thing, it will not give them a good impression. It is why architectural designs need deep etching.

Can You Use Deep-Etching for Personal Images?

You don’t have to own a business to get your images edited. You can get any image deep etched from Image Retouching Expert.

Suppose you took a photo during a vacation and want to remove the strangers in the background; you can do that using deep etch. Deep-etch can be used for:

What Type of Images Should Be Deep Etched?

There are no limitations on what image you want to deep-etch. Any type of image can be deep-etched. Our expert team is eligible to deep-etch any photo you want.

If you have an image, the background is too blurry or has too many things; then, you can use deep etch. If you want the viewer to focus on a particular item in your image and want other things gone, you can use a deep etching service.

You can provide images in any format, like jpg, png, tiff, pdf, etc. and get your deep-etched picture in a format of your choice.

Deep Etching – What Clipping Pixel Provides

Clipping Pixel offers a variety of packages for deep etching. You will find one according to your need. You can also customize your own package.

We never compromise with quality. All of our employees are dedicated to providing the best quality service. Our skilled graphic design team is swift and efficient, so that you will get your edited images in a short time. We guarantee the best service at an affordable price.

For any query, you can contact our 24/7 customer support. You can also email us for a quotation at

Why Choose Clipping Pixel for Deep Etching

At Clipping Pixel, we have a team of professional graphic designers. They are skilled in various editing skills, including deep etching. They will make sure you get the best quality deep etched photos.

Deep etching takes time and patience, and our skilled members are trained to make everything perfect. Even for highly complex products, our graphics team can ensure the best quality.

Our skilled photoshop experts have done many images with complex items, like hair, fur, etc. They are always ready to take on challenges. They are dedicated to giving the best outcome in the shortest time possible.

We promise to provide the best quality at the lowest turnaround time. We also offer some of the most affordable packages.  You can get a free trial to be assured of our service.

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Developing Clipping Path in Photoshop combines multiple product photo retouching services for photographers and other professional works as well. This method involves photo retouching, cutting-out of a background, and more.