Professional Fashion Photo Retouching Service

The fashion industry is worth approx. 368 billion U.S. dollars today. It is only growing by minutes, creating a vast industry. For that reason, the need for fashion photography and Fashion Retouching services is on the rise.

And when it comes to the best professionals in this sector, we are proud to be on the frontline. Because we don’t take this as a job, but a form of art.

If you are seeking services for fashion purposes, we are a dedicated team of professionals to help you. And in this article, you will get to know all about our services. But before that, let us give a clear depiction of fashion photo retouching.

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What Is Fashion Retouching?

Fashion photo retouching is a combination of portrait retouching and editorial retouching. In this type of image, the skin and the features will take on particular importance. They will even have the leading role in many cases.
The photographer will need more experience and skill to retouch a portrait, as professional results are expected. In this case, the skin must be free of any kind of imperfection. The hair, eyebrows, eye color, nose, lips, dark circles, and face shape may be modified until reaching the desired look. This service needs skill and experience as well as an artistic and creative mind.

Fashion Retouching Service Categories: What Can You Get

The professional photo retouching service cannot be described in few words. It has a wide range of utilities and services. In addition, there are several options to choose from to make a photo the best looking.

Here are a few fashion retouching categories you will get:

Color and Density Correction

Sometimes overexposure or underexposure can make a photo look excessively bright or dull. We can make a balance in the colors to make the image just perfect. This process ensures the vibrant outlook you want to have.

Nobody wants a photo where the model looks like a wax figure because the editing is too unrealistic. Instead, we make sure the right color and density bring out the natural beauty with a touch of glamour.

Background Editing or Composing

For fashion, a photography background is essential. You don’t want an irrelevant background. It can kill the whole vibe of the setup, making it unattractive. Whether you have a green background or a real one, we can give the desired result.

We will remove the background partially or totally and put up a beautiful, smooth background in this process. Also, we can correct the natural background to make it more attractive and vibrant.

Removing Spots, Blemishes, and other imperfections

The photos can be perfect, but the human skin is not. There may be spots, blemishes, or other bumps that are visible because of the powerful cameras. Also, sometimes cameras cannot capture the natural features of the model. We can remove all kinds of spots, bumps, or other impurities to make it “picture perfect.”

Another thing you must know is that make-ups do not always do justice to the beauty of the face. In such cases, our services can be beneficial.

Skin Detail Enhancements

In this service, we make sure that the wrinkles, tan marks, and uneven tones are hidden and bring out the beauty. Fine lines or patches make the photo lose its aesthetics. Our experts remove these patches but maintain the authentic skin color enhancing the details. We never change the original characters of skin like a mole, birthmarks, or any beauty spot.

Eye Bag and Wrinkle Removal

They say you can see one’s beauty of heart through the eyes. Even in the fashion industry, eyes hold a special place. So to make eyes more attractive and expressive, we will retouch the area. To make the photo aesthetically beautiful, we will remove the eye bag and sharpen the eye. Also, by retouching, we will soften the corners. Other services include eyelash volumization, tone correction, and removing wrinkles.

Body Sculpting

In fashion photos, people expect a specific type of body. Excess fat, love handles, cellulite, or stretch marks make the photo unattractive and somewhat uncomely. Our expert professionals take their job very seriously and remove all these imperfections to achieve client satisfaction.

Teeth Whitening

White and even teeth not only make the smile beautiful but also create an appealing photo. We will make the teeth white like pearls and also reshape them if there is any unevenness. This process needs skilled retouch artists like us. It may take a little time, but the final result is worth every minute.


The red-eye is one of the most common problems to occur when taking photos. Especially in the darker environment, the flashlight makes this happen. The red-eye makes the picture somewhat horrible. The red-eye may completely diminish your beauty. We make sure there is no red-eye, and the eye is entirely natural.

A glimpse of the way we work

At first, we receive images with brief instruction and requirements from our clients

As soon as we finish the first step of image post-processing, every image or file is checked several times by our highly experienced experts.

After we get the files and the instructions, our team immediately starts working. We guarantee a quick turnaround time.

As soon as the several steps of the quality check are over for quality assurance, we deliver the files to you. You can check the files and provide feedback to us.

Pricing of Our Enhance and Increase Variations with Color Correction Services

Clipping path service or image cut out service needs patience with regularity because at some point this work gets boring. Tradexcel Graphics ensures perfect photo clipping at an industry bottom price

Our Enhance & Increase Variations Service Start @ $0.30

Why Is Professional Fashion Retouching Important?

We’ve already outlined enough reasons why retouching is essential above. But many of us still don’t know the true secrets of fashion photo retouching. Here are some points that make this piece of work necessary:

Improve business

Today’s markets are very competitive. Everyone goes the extra mile to defeat other companies. Today, the motto of digital business is that if you do more, you get more. So, to improve your business, you must guarantee the quality of your images. Professionalism in your work carries with it the value of your brand. Therefore, you prefer professional touch-up services to lead others.

Attracts the customer

With dull and ordinary photos, you cannot attract your client to your business. Customers will only pay attention to quality. If they are convinced by seeing the high-quality images, they may contact you. To boost your business, you must attract customers. Therefore, you will need the help of professional touch-ups to get trusted clients.

Reusing old images

Who doesn’t want to reuse their beloved photos? Also, some images have become a masterpiece. Another reason is that many of us use good old photos for branding and to cut the shooting budget. In that case, your old photos must be perfect. Professional fashion photo retouching services like us can make your old photos look perfect again.

Making the model look perfect

The models work as a canvas where you showcase your products. To attract the target group and to exhibit it beautifully, the models need to be gorgeous too. A striking model has the power to enhance the value of even a mediocre product.

Highlighting the important points

Fashion retouching categories can help highlight the specific point. By doing this, you can make that product more visible and attractive to the customers. For a fashion portfolio, we can even highlight the features of your face by enhancing the details.

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Developing Clipping Path in Photoshop combines multiple product photo retouching services for photographers and other professional works as well. This method involves photo retouching, cutting-out of a background, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to do a fashion retouching?

It depends on the services you need for the photos. Some works need less time, whereas some critical and detailed works may need longer time. But it is worth the time.

How much is it going to cost for a professional photo retouching service?

Again, this also depends on the types of services you are seeking. The complex the work, the more it may cost. But if you have any confusion or query about our service charge, contact us anytime.

What are the requirements of a fashion retouching service?

There are nothing specific requirements. We are open to all kinds of services, whether big or small.

What are the categories of fashion retouching service?

The most available categories are:

Color and Density CorrectionBackground Editing or ComposingRemoving Spots, Blemishes, and other imperfectionsSkin Detail EnhancementsEye Bag and Wrinkle RemovalBody SculptingTeeth WhiteningRed-eye