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Clipping Pixel is a company based in 27, Old Gloucester Street, London, and the location of our production house is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka is the ultimate destination for a low-cost image editing solution.

This is why we can provide the most effective and efficient deals within a very affordable price range to our clients for their ecommerce product photo editing. Superior quality photo editing is our only goal.

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History of Clipping Pixel

Clipping Pixel was established in 2015 as a company for photo editing and image retouching. Within five years, Clipping Pixel became a leading company running with a team of competent, experienced, skillful experts providing the best service at the lowest price possible.  Our team has successfully satisfied customers all over the world and still providing excellent service to clients.

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“Impressive service!! They delivered me a pile of images within a month, and the quality of work amazed me.”
Mila Kunis

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“ I am just wowed with the image quality. I uploaded it to my ecommerce website and sales are booming. I must recommend them.”
Mike Sendler