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The Best Time to Take Pictures Outside

Are you a professional photographer seeking the best time to take pictures outside? Then this article is the perfect guide. Here, you will learn about the 3 situations when it’s perfect for taking pictures and elevating your photography game.

Although it’s never the wrong time for a click, you still need to focus on the time with proper lighting. You will surely click the best pictures with the right and proper timing.

Want to know more? Let’s get started.

3 Best Times to Take Pictures Outside

No time is wrong to take pictures. However, you can look into some conditions to take the perfect picture.

Here are some moments that can take photos.

The Golden Hour – Best for Candid

The best time to take pictures outside is the golden hour. In simple words, the golden hour is the time when the sun sets. At this hour, the sky is very vibrant with beautiful warm hues. You might know why you call it “golden hour” if you ever experience the sunset or sunrise.

Most landscape photographers choose the golden hour because there is ambient lighting this time with a great reflection of the sky. Portrait photographers also choose this hour because the warm light improves the subject.

However, you should know that the golden hour lasts only for an hour. Hence, when the light starts disappearing, it gets tough to get perfect images with the right tone.

So, it would be best to plan your pictures or arrive at the spot beforehand. This will help you get the perfect pictures when the time comes.

Pro tip: You can plan your pictures or arrive early at the spot before the hour begins. So, you can search for the approximate time range online.

The Blue Hour – Best for Silhouettes

The second best time to take pictures outside is the blue hour. With little light, the blue hour comes right after the golden hour. When the sun sets down, you will see the surroundings turning into a blue hue. Most photographers pack up at this hour, but this is another great time to take pictures.

You should start clicking at the blue hour if you want moody images. Also, you can experiment with light and silhouettes during this hour. You will find the cool darkness and bright light merging as you take interesting images.

Pro tip: You can use a light source like a campfire or flashlight to focus on your subject. If you are a landscape photographer, you can use a long lens to click the pictures.

Early Morning – Best for Photos with Good Details

It’s impossible to take good pictures within 2 hours. So, the early morning is the best time to take pictures outside. You have enough light to take good pictures. When it’s a sunny morning, you can get low light to avoid unflattering shadows.

Taking the sunlight is a plus point as you can take unlimited pictures. Whether it’s the shadows or direct light, you can work well at this time. Sometimes, you can use this lighting to take creative pictures of the shadows and the subject.

Pro tip: You should try taking pictures on the grass to get the perfect click of morning dew. Also, you can focus on long shadows to make the pictures more interesting.

Best Time to Take Pictures in Different Seasons

Here are the best times to take pictures in different seasons:


You will get a lot of sunlight in the summertime. Therefore, most people choose camping, hangouts, and taking pictures this season. When there’s more sunlight, you will get more chances to take better pictures with fine details.

You will also get more time in the golden hour with bright and extra sunlight. Plus, you should remember that the sun rises early in summer. Hence, you will find everything more accessible because there’s less snow.

Therefore, you can take this opportunity to your advantage. For instance, you can go hiking. While hiking, there’s a vast opportunity for you to get beautiful clicks.

On the other hand, if you love taking pictures, you should never miss the sunset view. This time is perfect for taking good pictures. You can, sometimes, exchange your categories for taking pictures in the summertime.

On the other hand, you may love taking landscape shots. For instance, these shots can include wildlife photography or sunset portraits. Improving your photography skills, you will also get some exercise when you get out this season.

Pro tip: When you take pictures in summer, you should use a polarizer filter. This will avoid the color washing out from your clicks.


Most of us have a love and hate relationship with the winter. This is the perfect time to test whether a photographer is passionate about taking pictures. Though, it is very tough and painful to get the perfect click at this time because you have cold hands, a low battery percentage, and frozen lenses.

However, you can use snow as your reflector. With this unique sunlight reflection, your pictures will turn out glowy and incredible. Plus, you get a pristine appearance, including snow in your pictures. While avoiding the distractions, the snow lets you focus more on the subject.

Another best aspect of winter is the alpenglow. Alpenglow is the time right after the sun sets, with a reddish-pink color on the mountain peaks. This is a great time to click your pictures outside.

If you’re a newbie, you should never miss the chance of getting a snap in the winter’s alpenglow. However, you will get this view only in the mountain areas.

Pro tip: Keep the batteries warm to save the charge. Therefore, your batteries would have less chance of wearing out in the cold weather.


The best season to take pictures is the spring season, as this season is all about colors. With plenty of new life, every picture is very colorful.

Most photographers choose this season to take beautiful pictures. With the flowers blooming, leaves growing back again, and animals moving from hibernation, your camera can capture precious pictures. Springtime’s a great time to test these photography skills.

Especially, you will get great pictures in the early mornings with flowers, animals, and plants in spring. Also, the colorful rainbows can be framed as there is sun and rain on a single day.

Carrying a mini camera wherever you go would be a great idea. This is because you never know where you would get a perfect shot.

Pro tip: You should carry a raincoat because the weather keeps diverting instantly. Also, you can enhance your pictures with the morning dew and fogs.


Fall brings vibrant colors every year. The golden hour shots come out very colorful with a range of oranges and yellows.

If you’re a photographer and barely have trees around you, in the fall season, you can plan for road trips. This is one of the best experiences that you would get.

Also, you will get cozy portrait images and changing landscape shots in such a season. Obviously, the sunrise and sunset shots are a must in this season!

Pro tip: Look around and find colorful trees around you. The online world would surely give the fall pictures more attention than others.

What Time Should You Avoid Taking Pictures Outside?

No time or season can go wrong with taking pictures outside unless it’s an earthquake or hurricane. However, there are a few situations which are less preferred to take pictures, like:

Rainy Days

It would be a terrible decision to shoot in the rainy season unless you’re prepared. You will get good pictures when you shoot on the oceans and urban areas this season.

Though you will barely get good pictures of close-up portraits and landscapes, the rain creates opportunities to snap empty streets and still life in a rainstorm.

Pro tip: Always carry a raincoat. The continuous weather change would ruin the day. Additionally, get a cover for your camera to protect it from the rainwater.


There are a lot of harsh shadows in the mid-day shoots. Though most photographers avoid taking mid-day shots, you don’t need to avoid them as well.

The sun shines too bright, so there’s a high chance of getting highlights and shadows. However, if you keep practicing, you can eliminate these problems. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

Pro tip: You can create interesting shadows when you take pictures at mid-day. However, it would be helpful if you waited for the sun to get covered by clouds when there’s too much light.

Overcast Days

Except for the tropical area, you will face gloomy weather in many places. In most cases, the weather is very cloudy, and the golden hour is barely visible. Though it’s very tiring, you will get some best shots if you try.

The overcast days work best for macro or portrait photographers. With diffusing lights, there are fewer shadows which can help to capture moody pictures.

Pro tip: You must work hard to get a proper light source, which is great for macro or portrait photography.

Final verdict

We hope this article has helped you learn the best time to take pictures outside. Though golden hours, blue hours, and early mornings are great times to take pictures. You should avoid rainy, overcast, and mid days to take pictures.

Additionally, you will get some best times to click pictures in different seasons. So, happy snapping!