40 Newborn Photo Ideas

Newborns don’t come alone. They come with lots of joys and dreams for parents and other relatives. As they grow up, their childhood photos become their only memory. If you are a relative, professional, or parent reading this post, you want to consider holding these mesmerizing memories. So, taking the newborn photo can be thrilling. However, it can be hard at the same time since it is challenging to manage babies. 

You are in the correct spot if you quest for newborn photoshoot ideas, newborn baby photo ideas, or newborn family photo ideas. This article will discuss all of those topics and try to make your little one’s pictures as cute as possible. So, stick to it till the end.

10 Newborn Baby Photos

A baby can have different kinds of poses. It depends on whatever you like them to do. However, some ideas can always help you. So, let’s dive into it. 

1. Appropriate Props

A proper prop can add to your Baby’s photo. People frequently use these kinds of support, and you can match the color of the props. Are you wondering where you can find the props? There are plenty available in the baby stores, website, or even in some usual shops. Whatever you do, make sure the prop suits your baby. Otherwise, the picture will look mundane. 

2. On the Side

This idea is very famous among photographers. So, you can consider this as a classic pose. Especially when you are looking for more editing options, this pose will be perfect for your baby. It is another reason why this idea is so popular among photographers. So, use this idea and add effects however you want.

3. Chin on Hands

You may find babies mainly in a position where their chins are on their hands. This idea is a straightforward one because you don’t have to force or make your baby pose. You may find them in this pose naturally. If you find it, don’t delay and click the photo. Whenever they are grown up, you can even show these pictures to them as proof of their funny habits. However, you have to make sure the construction is steady. Otherwise, the baby can fall, and fatal accidents may happen.

4. On the Back

Babies are always on their back while they are sleeping. So if you are concerned about the stillness of your baby’s poses, you may opt for this idea. In this way, the baby will sleep, and you can take the picture calmly and adequately. That’s why it is another convenient pose for clicking photographs.

5. Womb Pose

Do you want your baby’s comfort while taking pictures? Then this option is for you. This pose is also known as the Taco pose. It is also a natural pose. Another interesting fact about this pose is your kid’s face, tiny hands, and feet can be visible if you choose this pose. It adds to the beauty of the picture. 

6. Wrapped

All parents love to wrap their babies. However, wrappings are more applicable when your baby comes out in cold weather. If that is your case, you can make the wrapping as photo shooting material. Babies look adorable if you wrap them. So, you can use this option too without much hassle.

7. Frog Pose

Giving a frog pose means sitting like a frog. Since babies are tiny in size, this pose looks very good on them. You may do two things in this pose – (i) making sure your baby’s legs are side by side and (ii) the hands are under the chin. Most of the parents prefer this pose. It also ensures Baby’s safety. 

8. Tushy Up

It is also a natural pose; however, many parents might not like it. Additionally, it may not be applicable for little girls.

9. Capture Details

By using different filters on your phone, you can capture your baby’s photos in detail. The pictures will look more realistic in this method.

10. Full-Length Shot

Many people want to keep their photos of their babies in the entire body. By doing so, you can lock the memories of their cute hands and feet in a picture. It feels fantastic when you look back into these photos whenever they are teens or adults. 

10 Baby Boy Pictures Ideas

1. Posters

Maybe you want to hang the picture of your baby on the wall of your bedroom. Posters can be a unique path for adding striking and detailed personalities. In addition, you can add your creativity to the poster. For example, suppose you realize your boy loves music. Then you can add a music theme to the posters. You may also add names if you want to make the poster more alluring. 

2. Sport Attributes

Boys generally love sports. Additionally, you may have a dream about your little one being a cricketer or footballer. In these cases, you can use football or cricket costumes for your baby boy and click pictures. It not only captures them but also your dreams about them.

3. Batter Up

It is almost similar to the previous idea about sport attributes. You can convert the picture into a funny one by putting bats and balls around the baby. Also, you can set Baby’s name on the hat. These things make the photo look incredibly sweet.

4. Warm Blankets

It is an excellent way of adding coziness to the picture. If your baby is puffy, this is for you. Warm blankets matching your baby’s hat can look lovely. Keep in mind that color combination is a crucial factor while taking pictures.

5. Animal Themed Baby

You can get cute Dino costumes in baby stores. So, you can use those to decorate your baby. They are available in multiple colors too. Those multiple-coloured costumes can make your baby look fly. 

6. On the Grass

Are you searching for a photo to look green? Or more environmentally friendly? You can set the grass as the background of the image. Next, you need to put your baby on the grass, adding a relaxed, natural sense to the picture. 

7.Rustic Styles

Some rustic elements can insert a different sense to your picture. For example, this element can make the image look aristocratic or archaic in a good way. 

8. Baby Blues

Blue colors suit finely in the baby. So, you can make them wear knit sets. Maybe you can buy a knit pants and a hat just for photo shooting because you want the best photo for your baby, right?

9. Sleeping

A baby boy looks very cute while sleeping. You can capture this adorable moment on your camera. So, this pose is also fantastic.

10. With Boat

Similarly, you can use boats and fishes and create a marine environment. For example, you can position the baby on the ship by clicking these pictures.


10 Baby Girl Pictures Ideas

1. Surrounded by Girls’ Stuff

Baby girls have specialized colors for them, for example, pink or white. These colors go well with girls’ stuff. For instance, they can wear hats, towels, or even small bathing suits of those colors. As a result, it will look like a girly picture. 

2. A Little Ballerina

When you are taking a picture of a baby girl, there are several options you can choose from. Maybe you can make your little one look like a ballet dancer. The addition of white or red tutu or headbands may double the cuteness of your baby in the picture.

3. Pretty Fairy

You unknowingly address your little girl as a fairy. However, it’s time to make that address practical. Position your baby on their tummy, and put a pair of wings on the back of the baby. You can also append a headband. It may look like a sleeping beauty. It is so adorable that you can’t reject this pose. 

4. Organic Look

While this look is excellent, you may want to take care of the safety issues. Take care of safety issues. You can arrange an organic get-up with a hammock. Don’t get carried away with too many props. 

5. A Little Mermaid

You can insert a marine that looks like the mermaids. You can use mermaid props, and they will cover the bottom part of the baby. Therefore, the baby may seem to be floating. 

6. Trendy Hat

The baby’s smiling face with a trendy hat can be the cutest thing ever. You can appreciate their glamorous appearance with a hat. Hats can be of kids, cartoon characters or cute animals, or anything. 

7. Lady in Pink

Girls look jazz in pink because pink is considered a girly color. Additionally, the pink color can add a feminine mood to the picture. It can be a pink dress, costumes, beds, or pillows. Whatever you put inside the frame, make sure to match their color. 

8. The Pumpkin

The round orange pumpkin matches perfectly with your Baby’s pink bonny cheeks. You can put multiple pumpkins around the baby. You may find a variety of pumpkin costumes in the stores, especially if that is Halloween time. 

9. Princess

Little girls are like princesses. And if you can dress them accordingly, they will look more like little princesses. You can pick a specific princess costume if you want—for example, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, or Snow White. 

10. Bunny Ear Hats

Make a small bunny ear hat. Then you can use that for a photo session of your cutie. 

10 Baby Picture Ideas at Home

1. Natural 

Babies are in their natural mood most of the time. So, this pose doesn’t have to be complicated with props or lights. Click the picture as it is, and that is the beauty of this kind of picture. 

2. Yawning 

According to NSF, infants sleep an average of 12-15 hours per day, more than anyone else. So, it is not very hard to get their yawning pose. They yawn very frequently. These yawns are so adorable that you can’t resist caging these poses in cameras. 

3. With Brothers and Sisters

If the infant has brothers or sisters or both, it is an excellent idea to picture all of your children in the same frame. Some of them may look alike. Maybe you never observed that, but this picture can assist you in identifying those similarities. So, what are you waiting for?

4. With Mommy

Mommies are the closest person to the babies because, of course, they give those babies birth. Taking photos is the only way to hold this intimacy. These pictures can show the tenderness of the mother and the baby. It may make them laugh or cry when the babies become grown-ups.

5. In a Basket

Put the baby in a basket and click a photo. The basket can be of any material, but wooden baskets can give the image an organic look.

6. With Most Cherished Toy

All babies love to play with toys. Consequently, they have some sort of favorite toy. This toy can become a matter of the picture. It is also a way to remember what their favorite toy was. After all, photos are supposed to hold memories. Additionally, you can glue this picture to the album with the title “With Most Cherished Toy.”

7. Zooming in Tiny Fingers

If you ask someone which part of a baby is the cutest to them, their answer will be the babies’ tiny fingers. To add more adorability to it, you can make the baby hold your big finger. Thus, you can capture the comparison of how tiny their fingers are, and the picture may look lovely. 

8. In a Blanket

Is the baby born in a cold season? If so, keep proof of that by using a blanket in the baby’s picture. Then, you can put the baby in a blanket. 

9. In Daddy’s Lap

Daddy’s lap is another comfortable and most cherished place for babies. And if the babies are happy, their pictures will also be enchanting, right?

10. Appending Accessories

Except for the above idea, do you want something more? Then you probably want to use accessories. Accessories can increase your baby’s beauty. However, your choice of accessories needs to be up to the mark. 


Newborn Photography Essentials

There are some essentials without which you can’t take the baby photo. The essentials include:

Macro Lens

Macro lenses are always great for taking detailed pictures. Additionally, the images may look more lively, sharp, and close-up. Using these macro lenses, you can capture your baby’s tiny body parts subtly; however, you have to set the camera closely for doing so.

Collapsible Reflector

Are you facing harsh lighting conditions? Is your picture getting spoiled for harsh lighting? Then you probably need a collapsible reflector. Collapsible reflectors are primarily handy for clicking pictures in a surrounding where there are extreme lights. 

Reflectors have benefits both in the case of artificial lighting and natural lighting. For example, the flashes sometimes produce unnecessary shadows when you are using artificial illuminating. However, the reflectors can handle those shadows that come with flashes. Additionally, collapsible reflectors can convert the harsh lighting into a soft one and make the picture look dramatic. 

Backdrop Clamps

Clamping backdrops are essential. Backdrop clamps can help the backdrops keep smooth and tight. You may need the backdrops as soon as possible for arranging. At that moment, you will thank yourself for buying a backdrop clamp. These can also help set your backdrops in location.


It is always a good idea to keep a shusher during photo shooting. Babies’ behavior can be very volatile. For example, they can burst out crying or making noises. To prevent this kind of unfavorable situation, you will need a shusher to keep them quiet. 

Pee pads and Diapers

Not just pee pads and diapers, you may want to keep a whole baby kit with you during photo shooting. Otherwise, accidents like peeing on the floor can take place very quickly, spoiling your full photo shooting attire.

Photography Tips for Beginners

Even if you are not an experienced photo shooter, we have got essential tips for you. These tips are necessary for taking the picture correctly. For example, suppose you have great photo ideas, but you can’t click a cute photo (which you surely want) if you don’t know the following tips. That’s why let’s dive deeper into the tips and suggestions.

1. Remember To Take Enough Preparation

You may think that you will be at home, so you don’t need to worry about preparing things. However, you will be wrong. Even though you are at your house, you may need to keep all the required items arranged the day before clicking the photos. Necessary things may include:

  • Two Cameras – one main and one as a backup
  • Enough lenses
  • Waterproof Pads
  • Space Heater
  • Some funny toys 
  • Stand for Background and Clamps
  • Various Props (blankets, pillows, wraps)
  • Smaller Swaddle Blankets
  • Beanbag for the newborn
  • In case some accidents happen, keep a change of clothes

The baby may start crying, and you might not get enough time to prepare at the moment of taking photos. So, it will be best if you prepare yourself accordingly. 

2. Decide Your Desired Style of Shooting You Prefer

If you are at your wit’s ends about your toddler’s photo, you should know that there are two ways of taking pictures – lifestyle and pose or studio shooting. 

  • Posed or Studio Shooting: You may opt for clicking a posed or studio shoot. If that is your case, you should do it within one week of the baby’s birth. Since the baby sleeps between these days, it is convenient to fold them however you want for various poses.
  • Lifestyle Shooting: Lifestyle shooting can include the baby and his/her surroundings. Because it provides family members, this shooting is a more casual way of taking photos.

3. Become Inspired by the baby

It is best to find inspiration from the baby itself. It can happen suddenly. Suppose you are sitting with your baby and watching TV. And you see a cute pose of the baby that you think you should capture. These moments are called inspiration moments which the baby itself creates. Isn’t that great?

4. Shoot Macro Pictures

Macro pictures are another idea for clicking your newborn’s photo. When the baby is sleeping, it will remain still. And that is the moment of taking these macro pictures. Macro pictures can be of any part of the body – for example, their toes, feet, eyes, belly, fingers, hands, lips, face, nose. 

These pictures have to be very detailed, and so you need to set the camera accordingly. The focus of the macro lens is very sensitive. Therefore, you have to wait for the time when the baby goes into a deep sleep. 

5. Use Your Props Reasonably

Many photographers think the more they use props, the better the picture will be. However, this fact is entirely incorrect. While few props can add to the beauty of the image, too many props can spoil the view immediately. So, you need to use the props reasonably.

You can set the props and observe whether it looks better or not. If it doesn’t, you may remove one or two of them based on their appearance. Maybe you can get an idea by watching examples of a couple of baby photos. Later, you can adjust the props according to the client’s preference. 

6. Dress Up the Baby

Dressing up the baby is the most crucial factor in the picture. Colorful dresses suiting their faces can add to their photos. It can differ from boys to girls. Some people prefer an undressed picture of the baby, which is also acceptable.

7. Shoot from the Top

Keep the angle of the frame perfect while shooting from the Top. However, if you desire to take the baby photo from the surface, you should be careful about the level.

8. Use Natural Light

Sometimes natural lights can help make a great photo. However, you have to wait for some moment to get the proper natural lighting because not all lighting yields clear images. Preferably, the morning and late evening are commonly two perfect times. You should set your camera in AV (Aperture Priority) mode, a high ISO, and a wide aperture.

Final Suggestions

1. Have babies’ favorite toys, have at least one that makes a noise and don’t.

2. Schedule a photoshoot for RIGHT after a nap and feeding. That is when the baby is most agreeable.

3. Do not expect to get a particular shot unless the baby is young enough to “sit” still.

4. Put the Baby in comfortable clothes. I know we all want that “cute dress” or “handsome suit” on the baby. However, this will make the baby uncomfortable and want to wiggle or get out of the clothes. If you have to have that shot, put the baby in the clothes right before the photo, and take the baby out right after.

To Conclude

If you are a parent, you know what is best for your baby. So, act accordingly for taking pictures and help the photographer to do their job. Now you know all the necessary tips for newborn photo shooting and newborn baby photo ideas. So, without any delay, go ahead and start preparing yourself and the newborn for clicking pictures. While you do so, keep the above pieces of information in mind. 


When Should Newborn Photos be Taken?

You should take the newborn photos five to twelve days after birth.

What should newborns wear for photos?

Newborns should wear light color (preferably cream color) dresses for photos.

What is the best way to take newborn pictures at home?

Try to click some face-only pictures, then face and chest, wrapped and unwrapped if possible. 

Are 2 Weeks too old for newborn photos?

No, it is not. However, you may have to opt for different angles and poses while taking the picture.

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