Holographic Effects in Photoshop

How to Create Holographic Effects in Photoshop?

Holographic foil effect Photoshop has been in demand lately in graphic design. In Photoshop, holographic effects are used to create a virtual illustration of an image. A light source is essential to create holographic effects in Photoshop.

Beginners’ even professionals, sometimes have difficulty creating holographic effects. This will be exciting to do when you use it for your business purpose. Learning how to draw holographic can bring you profits.

Clients often ask for a holo effect on their branding and marketing stuff. When you run a startup, you’ll frequently find holographic effect creation orders. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll undoubtedly lose potential customers.

Thankfully, it is easy to do using photo clipping service to create holographic effects. In this article, we come up with easy-to-follow techniques for creating holographic foil effects in Photoshop. Give it a check.

Easy-to-Follow Holographic Foil Effect Photoshop Technique

Following is a simple tutorial on how to create a holographic foil effect in Photoshop. You’ll need to access Adobe Photoshop to follow this tutorial.

· Step 1: Create a Blank Canvas

Open Photoshop and click on File > New to create a blank canvas. Choose default width and height. Make sure you choose the Background Contents as White. Now Click on OK.

· Step 2: Pick Up a Color Palette

The next task is to get a color palette on the blank canvas. This will be used as a different layer.

· Step 3: Create a New Layer

Now create a new layer below the color palette layer. Choose Gradient Fill color or Adjustment layer (new layer). Click the Gradient tab to choose the color palette you like. You can fill the Layer with your preferred gradient color. This is how to color holographic.

· Step 4: Convert Your Images

After choosing the color for the palette layer, it’s time to transform the images into Smart Object.  Click on Liquify tool from the filter and drag it on the gradient layer. Check the preview.

· Step 5: Open a Texture Image

There is a new layer below the gradient fill layer. You have filled the gradient fill layer with your chosen color palette. Now open a texture image on this new Layer. Then, drag it below the gradient layer. This textured image will provide a textured holo effect.

· Step 6: Final Result

Choose blending option while keeping selected the gradient layer. Next step is the color correction for the final result. The final output will be a colorful textured image with a holo effect.

Holographic Foil Effect

Creating Holographic Effect on a Text

To add your image with a holographic effect into a text, take a new text layer. Write anything and drag the text layer below the gradient layer. Now click on the Layer > Clipping Mask. That’s how you can get an excellent, colorful text-based holographic foil.

Wrapping Up!

And voila, you’re done! The above technique is a basic tutorial on holographic foil effect Photoshop. Also, this should be enough for creating a holographic photo.

If you practice with the above tutorial, you can make holographic effects on anything. Still, if you find any difficulties, you can contact us for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is holographic design?

A hologram is a three-dimensional snapshot of light dispersed from an object. While holograms are visually appealing with their shimmering, fluid-like quality, they may also be hypnotising when used in digital design.

How do I add a holographic effect in Photoshop?

  1. Create a new Photoshop canvas.
  2. Create a color palette on a separate layer.
  3. Duplicate the color pallet layer. Adjustment layer or gradient fill color
  4. Fill the layer with gradients. Choose colors from your favorite palette. See the image below.
  5. Use the Liquify tool in Filter to create Smart Objects. Preview by dragging the Liquify tool over the gradient layer. Try to make your image like the one below.

How do you make something look like a hologram in Photoshop?

The idea is simple. Create the picture you wish to project, distort it to seem 3D, then paste it on top of your background. Then just add some light to the portions of your scene that would naturally be lit by a hologram.

How to Create a Hologram?

  1. Place a projector above the floor.
  2. Place a 45-degree mirror beneath the projector.
  3. Remove the mirror and place a glass screen or other reflected clear surface nearby.
  4. Use a dark background for the projected picture. Try a 3D animated picture for best results.
  5. When powered, your projected image will bounce off the mirror and appear as a ghost on the glass screen.