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Using Liquify Tool in Photoshop for Body Slimming, Product Photo Straightening, and Reshaping

Photoshop has some of the great tools for image manipulation. Liquify tool is one among them. It is a versatile tool with various uses. Usually, it does some modification to particular pixels of a photo.

You can not instantly change the natural shape of something. In this scenario, Photoshop comes in handy. The great toolset allows you to adjust the photos the way you want in post-processing.

In this article, we are going to see the usage of liquify tool. It is a step-by-step guide for using the Liquify workplace. We will see how you can photoshop bodies to look slimmer and use this tool in product photo reshaping. We are using Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 in this guide.

Let us get some idea about the Forward Warp tool and Smart Object before diving into the tutorial.

What is the Forward Warp tool?

It is a tool inside the Liquify workplace. The Forward Warp tool pushes the pixels toward a direction. With this tool, you can easily change the size and density of any subject and object in image form. We will select the Forward Warp tool first when we enter the Liquify Environment.

It is the foremost tool inside the Liquify Workplace.

Resizing control of this tool is the same as the Brush tool in Photoshop.

What is Smart Object?

If we want a non-destructive vector and image transformation, we need Smart Object. It will be best if we convert the Layer to a Smart Object.

In Photoshop, we have to re-scale and transform images in different scenarios. Typical images lose quality in this procedure. To avoid such problems, we convert the image into a Smart Object.

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Converting the Layer to a Smart Object

Import your photo in the Photoshop viewport. Right Click on the Photo Layer, and you will see a pop-up window. From the options, select “Convert to Smart Object.”

You are maybe wondering how to detect a Smart object. You can quickly identify it by seeing the icon on the bottom right corner of the Layer icon.

It is possible only to convert a Layer to a Smart Object. If the image shows as a locked Background, grab the Lock icon to the bin at the bottom. Now you have the Layer of your image. Then convert the layer to a Smart Object.

So, now we have what we need. Let’s move on to the central part of this article, using Liquify tool for image manipulation. 

Entering the Liquify Environment:

To use Liquify tool, we first need to enter into the Liquify workplace. Once you have the Smart Object, go to Filters on the top menu bar. Then select Liquify from the dropdown.

 The shortcut for this is Shift +Ctrl+X.

Controlling the Liquify Workplace

You are now inside the Liquify Workplace. We will be moving the image pixels. We need something to move them. The Forward Warp tool is the best for this job. So, you have to select the tool first. It is on the toolbar at the right of the viewport.

tool’s controls are the same as a Brush. The shortcut for resizing is { } keys on your keyboard. You can increase the Brush size to cover more area. For small and precise modification, you have to downscale the size. Controls are available in the left bar of the viewport. 

Now let us start modifying the image. If you are wondering how to slim body in Photoshop, we have the answer in this section. We will see the Photoshop body image manipulation technique using Liquify tool.

Let’s say, for example, the person in our demo image looks a bit fat. So we will use the Forward Warp Tool to move the pixels inward. Start from the face and shoulder. 

When you face any unwanted changes, undo that by pressing Ctrl+Z. 

Enable the preview option. Otherwise, you will not see any changes.  To compare the final version with an overlay of the original one, check the Show Backdrop.

There is an option called Face-Aware Liquify to control the different face aspects. You can control the size of the eye, face, nose,  and mouth. It is an AI-based modification if you struggle to keep the natural look of the face.

We have seen the body slimming process. You also can use the reverse process to extend the body shape.

Product Photo Straightening and Reshaping

Let us move on. We will now see how you can use this tool in Product Photographs. Here we have a Demo picture of a bag. It distorted on both sides. We have to reshape it to make it an ecommerce ready photo.

Let’s get started by importing your image in Photoshop. Covert the Background to a Layer if needed. Now convert the Layer to a Smart Object.

With the same process mentioned above, get inside the Liquify Workplace. Resize the brush to a level that can cover the distorted portion. Now move it slowly inward to drop the distortion level. You may struggle on the very first try; no worries. Try different sizes of brushes to achieve the best result. 

Hoorah! Now you have the photo to place on your e-commerce store. The first image was not presentable to the potential customers. The final version definitely is perfect for showcasing.

Using this technique, you can quickly reshape and straighten product photos.

Final Words:

Liquify tool undoubtedly has some excellent capabilities. It is a representation of how much you can achieve in Photoshop post-processing.

If you are familiar with the Brush tool, this tool will be easy for you to handle.

For a complete beginner, it may take a bit of time to get comfortable. The process is straightforward when you understand it.

I hope that you will get fun using the Liquify tool to Photoshop bodies and product photos.

You can use this Photoshop slimming technique in your images also. Sometimes camera angles make you look more fatter than you really are. Then this technique can come in handy.