What is Clipping Path and Why is it Important for E-commerce?

Today, having quality photos is one of the essential marketing techniques in E-commerce. The majority of photos found on advertising and communication media are cropped and retouched. Photo clipping is the basis of any visual. It is essential to have this quality in order to capture the attention of your target.

Are you an e-merchant, portrait painter, or even a graphic designer? It is in your best interest to do photo or image clipping in order to have a positive impact. Understand the clipping path definition and why it is important for e-commerce in this article.

What is Photo Clipping: Definition

The picture clipping involves modifying a background or retrieval of an object. In order to be more precise, this involves cropping photos and changing their background. This is a process requiring experience because mastery of certain tools is essential.

That’s not your situation? Don’t panic; trust a clipping path specialist. It will allow you to have a professional result with an excellent return on investment.

Indeed, photo clipping is considered effective once you have successfully captured the attention of your target.

Creative Clipping Path: Why it is Important for E-Commerce?

The clipping picture has several advantages. Removing the background helps draw the viewer’s attention to the part of the photo that has been cropped. Imagine a banana on the shelf of a grocery store among many other fruits such as oranges, apples, or even kiwis.

Then imagine this same banana on a white background. In the first situation, you, first of all, identify a set of loose fruits. In the second situation, you will observe a single object. Something mundane can ultimately be of fundamental importance in selling a product online.

Of course, you don’t have to completely remove the background. Most of the time, it is only brightened or blurred. As a result, the clipped object remains the center of attention without being completely removed from its context.

In some cases, the Photoshop clipping path is done by a college. That is, several parts of photos are separated and then joined together to create a new image. Usually, you don’t even realize it when you visualize the result.

Who Else Needs a Clipping Path Service?

The charm of home-made cakes is definitely worth a mention, but what about a nearby bakery? Have you ever wondered why there is a bakery when someone can bake their own dessert while watching a YouTube tutorial? The answer is simple. Not everyone has the time and knowledge to try a dessert or look professional. This creates the need for a bakery.

When it comes to manipulating images, graphic design companies are experts at handling photos for the most professional look.

In the era of marketing, everyone running a business will need a photo editing service at some point in their life. This Photoshop technique made life easier for advertisers. Below are some general clipping path customers who need 365 days a year service.


First of all, fashion magazines always need graphic design services for multiple purposes. This is true not only for them but also for all other magazines with lots of photos and graphics. Magazines often combine two or more photos on their cover pages or in the magazine. It requires a slicing service to run. In addition, logos and images often have to stand side by side, which is not possible without this technology.

In a word, Clipping Path acts as a “remake specialist” for magazines when it comes to manipulating images.

Advertising Agencies

Without this service, advertising agencies cannot run for an hour. Don’t brag, but the clipping path service makes your advertising business complete.

Company for Product List/Portfolio

The clipping path service is necessary for adding photos to products or creating a business profile. For corporate sites, catalogs and brochures, product images are heavily processed.

Photographer / Fashion Designer

Fashion photographers are nothing less than artists. They make digital portraits for various purposes. Clipping path experts work closely with photographers to give them the best possible performance as recommended. Whether it’s a portfolio, a model’s profile, or a fashion catalog cut-out service, photographers are a must.

What are the Required Skills?

There is a lot of software on the market which can be used such as,

  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Illustrator,
  • Fireworks and
  • CorelDraw etc.

But among these, Adobe Photoshop is mostly popular. We can draw a lot of paths with Photoshop’s Pen tools. We can get the best clipping path services using PSD, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and other files.

In fact, the designer uses the part of the image for clipping is not destroyed the rest. Photoshop clipping path can denote transparent areas in images. A clipping path can divide part of an image; the rest of the image is transparent when the image is placed in a layout.

Expert designers use clipping path images in so many ways because clipping path has become the essential part of Photoshop day now.

Making a Clipping Path: How to Crop Photos?

The picture clipping is usually done through graphic programs professionals or semi-professionals. It is done with tools that allow experts to crop images. For this, you can use many applications such as the popular Adobe Photoshop, or GIMP, and Paint.NET.

But these are not easy to use. You will probably have difficulty using it. You can take help from the clipping path tutorial available on the internet.

If you do not master these tools, there are others on the web giving very good results. However, the easiest and cheapest in terms of time is to call a professional.


Clipping Path Process: The Basic

A strategic cut-out of the object’s contour is made through the specific selection and tracing tools in the clipping path. In this way, the presented object stands out more and melts into the background in a natural way.

This allows you to ‘take’ the photograph from a background that is not very clear. Then it lets you place the photographed object on the background that suits them best. Or remove a natural background if it is needed.

e-commerce photo editing is an increasingly used resource in E-commerce photography. And therefore you have to be careful with a series of aspects, to obtain a good final result.

Game of lights: You have to take into account the play of light. Any problem, such as brightness could end the desired effect on the clipped object.

Shadows: Clipping an object is a process that requires extreme care. When the object is cut from a surface, it loses its shadow, which is normally later digitally recreated.

Precise selection: One of the advantages of the clipping path is that the retoucher can select the object very precisely. This makes it possible to enhance very specific parts of the product, such as drawing on a certain garment. This allows the photographed garment or object to have more volume and attract a potential customer’s attention.

Products in the air: When working with elements in the air, avoid casting shadows. In this aspect, the clipping facilitates the insertion of the image in the final image of the E-commerce.

Clipping Path Service: The Advantages of Calling in a Professional

The photo cropping carried out by an expert will bring you a unique result. The latter will be able to perfectly highlight your product. Cropping a photo takes time, and as we say so well, time is money! What do you prefer? Hire a professional to do this job cleanly and quickly, or waste time doing it yourself? Of course, this depends on your availability. It is necessary to focus on what is essential to your core business.

A communication agency will listen to your needs. They will always know how to make the necessary changes with a view to always wanting to satisfy their customers. In addition, if you have no idea of ​​the montage you want to create, they will help you by giving advice.

The goal is always to make sure you reach your conversion objectives. Working on the quality of the image, its brightness, as well as its brilliance is no secret for an expert.


So, this was a brief discussion on clipping path definition and its importance. The clipping service is basically a technical technology that is widely used in the graphics area. It is very important in our digital imaging lives. This service is absolutely necessary for those who are involved in photography, design, advertising, and graphic arts.