Creative Photo or Image Manipulation Services

Creative Photo or Image Manipulation Services

A Photo Manipulator combines two or more editing processes to bring out a single result. Manipulation is an advanced form of image editing.

Image manipulation has both personal, and business uses. Pictures need retouching and optimization before placing them on the magazine cover or printing on a banner. You cannot place a snapshot of your product right off the bat on your online store.

Manipulation plays a vital role in personal photo beautification. From usual beautification to object addition and removal, manipulation can do a lot. You can get an abstract composition of your image using some manipulation techniques.

Here we will look inside 08 creative photo manipulation services.

8 Creative photo manipulation services

We are covering here the essential manipulation services out there. These services have their uses in businesses and personal photography worldwide.

For different outcomes, there is a particular set of editing techniques. A combination of many editing techniques builds up a manipulation.

1. Background Change

Background changing is the most common form of manipulation. It is the method of keeping the subject and replacing the background with a natural-looking one.

A busy background can change the look and feel of your photo. Changing it might save the day for you.

Editors use this method to change the incompatible image background with a compatible one.

It does a great job in model photography, product photography, and personal photos.

Creative Photo or Image Manipulation Services

2. Photo to sketch, cartoon, or painting Conversion

Expert photo manipulators can create sketches or cartoonish paintings from a portrait. This method has the most uses in personal photo editing.
It is a way of showcasing a photo in an artistic way. Sketch of a natural portrait looks more beautiful. Sketches of yourself can be the perfect profile picture for your social media.

Nowadays, a trend is going on for sketch portraits. You can see them everywhere.

3. Special Effects

It is the method of creating a double exposure effect. In special effects, editors combine two images to create a stunning result.

This editing technique has the most uses in the film industry and model photography. Film banners use this method to create their posters and banners.

Someone can use special effects in their photos to grab some more positive feedback. One can have an admirable result by adding a unique effect to their images.

4. Ghost Manequin Service

This one is the most valuable service for the e-commerce and apparel business. Any business owner who wants to cut the cost of hiring a model uses mannequins for their clothing photography. Here one must remove the dummy from the clothing to attract the customers to the dress only.

A perfect removal process can give a very gorgeous-looking result.

5. Product Photo Editing

You may notice that an E-commerce product does not come with a busy background. It is either placed on a one-colored backdrop or a compatible one.

Product photos must be distraction-less.

In product showcasing, you can get more conversions with less distraction. The product’s background should not contain anything else.

6. Photo Composition

This method can turn your photo into a movie scene. This technique is a creative way of combining certain elements to generate a realistic image. Although the photo elements may or may not be accurate, editors incorporate digital drawings and real ones to make a natural result.

It combines several scenarios and subjects to create a new one.

Creative Photo or Image Manipulation Services

7. Adding or removing People

You may often face the need to remove someone from your group photo or adding your friend to it.

Professional editors use manipulation techniques to add or remove a person from the photo.  In the beginning, the image may look unnatural. The editor makes more adjustments to the lighting, colors, and shadows to make it exactly like a regular shot.

It can be a lengthy process sometimes. But the results are pretty amazing.

You can add your friend behind the camera to your group photo.

8. Beautification of Subject and the Background

Photo manipulation involves processes like skin retouching, body reshaping, blemish removal, etc.

Beatification is a must for the fashion industry. After a beautiful manipulation of the subject’s photo, it will look glamorous. The raw shot is not always ready to go on the magazine covers or banners. It is always better to post-process the image for perfection.

Techniques like blemish removal can create smooth skin.

Photo Manipulation Service Online:

Fiding an expert is now accessible in online marketplaces. It is the best way to get your online image manipulation service reliably. You can compare the packages and see the reviews of a freelance editor before handing over the project to them.

You can also find photo manipulation websites. Usually, a team of experts provides the service on a stand-alone website. These websites are very informative, and it guides you to choose the perfect package on your budget. They are also good at providing customer support afterward.

Hiring an expert for any editing job is always the right choice. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you may do some editing some of the time. But for more advanced manipulation, you must seek a professional.

As the world is moving towards an interconnected era, finding an expert should not be a problem.

Final Words

Photo manipulation is an excellent way of creating an eye-catching and realistic photo. Manipulation also establishes some abstract scenarios by adding special effects.

In this article, we have covered the most used creative photo manipulation services. Hundreds of thousands of designers and editors use them for different purposes every day.

You can say that photo manipulation is the ultimate brush-up to your images.

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